15. Do you know you can actually lose weight in lazy ways?

14. 1. Keep 70% full

Rule 1: don’t eat too much, but not too few because you will eat your second meal right after your meal. 70% is perfect!

2. 50% Vegetables in you meal

13. 3. Eating order: first vegetables> soup> meat

Rule 2: always contain 50% vegetables in your meals which are low in fat, including potassium, dietary fiber and much more nutrients.
Rule 3: Try to have soup and vegetables before meal, it helps a lot and you will feel a bit full

12. 4. No meat before sleep

11. 5. Order light dishes at restaurant

Rule 4: never eat high energy food before sleep, eating in this way increases your fat in your body and stay overnight.
Rule 5: when u are at restaurant, order the lightest dishes. Trust me it will be enough for you.
Rule 6: avoid these kinds of starch food. They only gain your fat and wont' keep you full.
Rule 6: avoid these kinds of starch food. They only gain your fat and wont’ keep you full.

10. 7. Choose the right snacks

9. 8. Pack your snacks in a container

Rule 7: replace oat and fiber crackers as your snacks but not chips, it’s still tasty and healthier.
Rule 8: I know the magic of chips it’s hard to resist, so place all the chips into a container if you failed.

8. 9. No sugar

Rule 9: avoid sugar, you know how sugar affect back pain

7. 10. Breakfast is important

Rule 10: having breakfast is important!! which provides you all day energy and break overnight fasting period

6. 11. Drink more water

Rule 11: you need to drink adequate amounts of water , it’s recommended 2 liters or 8 glasses of water. Water is your friend in battle!

5. 12. Exercise

4. 13. Walk as much as you can

Rule 12: Do exercise for 20 minutes everyday! move yourself!
Rule 13: Walk as much as you can, walk around your office at lunch hour, walk home if it’s not a super long distance to lose calories

3. 14. Longer sleep and earlier

Rule 14: sleep more and earlier. lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Remember to sleep more while you can

2. 15. Sharing

Rule 15: Share everything to friends, share the calories!!

1. Follow the guide, satisfaction comes soon!


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